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Target date...Jan. 1

Who would have thought it would be so time consuming and frustrating just to convert a paperback version to e-book ready format? I'm dealing with a seller on Fiverr who sent me a poorly done formatting project. I canceled that order after days of dealing with that and now have reverted back to getting help from the guy (on Fiverr) who formatted the paperback version. He's a gem and all seems to be at a good place right now. Say a prayer for the process and final product. Always learning. :) Fiverr is a great resource to find professionals and hire for specific projects. There is a 'learning curve' as you review profiles and select the seller that best meets your needs and 'fits' with your goal, but the company has resolved any issues I've had and is very responsive to questions or concerns.

I really have no idea what to expect with the publication of this book, but I DO know that God orchestrated the project and saw it (seeing it) through to completion. Perhaps it was all for my own spiritual growth and fine tuning, but I'm praying there is greater purpose than simply my benefit. The point in the writing was/is to share the Good News and to glorify God. It may have been easier to travel to the bush of Africa or slums of India to share the Gospel! Oh well, whatever God initiates, He gives the strength and His joy to accomplish the task! As tedious as the task has been, I've thoroughly enjoyed the process!

(Pictured is a screen shot of just one aspect of self-publishing through KDP Publishing)

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