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One month down!

It’s January 31! This is the LAST DAY of the first month of a new year!

I’m a contemplative sort, so today I’m realizing that the first, out of just twelve brief months of this year are (almost) DONE, OVER, COMPLETE! Never, will we have the opportunity to take back, repeat or change these last 31 days of 2023! There are no ‘do-overs’.

The question I asked myself today was, “What did you do to advance the Kingdom of God these last 30 days?”

Let me be clear that I believe that salvation and our secure gift of eternal life with Christ has nothing to do with “what we do or did” but has only to do with “what we believe”; our salvation is through FAITH alone! It is FAITH in the atoning work of Christ, that offers and ushers in our eternal relationship with our Triune Father in heaven! Knowing that Truth and having placed my faith and trust in Christ as Lord, is the foundation from which I asked myself and contemplated this question this morning.

As you read scripture, especially through the letters from Paul, it is clear and fairly easy to understand the actions that should (and will) accompany our decision to serve and live as one who has placed their faith in Christ’s redeeming work. The Holy Spirit of God dwells in the hearts of those who trust in Christ to guide us in all things, to teach us and to show us how to live to best serve God to advance His Kingdom and make known His ways and will to others.

All that said, I find it helpful to look back and reflect on ‘where I am’ and ‘what I’m doing’ as I live for and serve the Lord; sort of a ‘self-evaluation’. If I was really fastidious in my actions, I’d probably even jot down thoughts as I review the day or ‘season’ that I’m examining. (You don’t even have to think twice,YES, I have done (and do) that!) I truly suggest that we all, as Believers who have dedicated our lives to Christ, examine our activity (or inactivity) in a similar way.

  • Do we choose our activities with PURPOSE?

  • Do we seek to determine what God’s SPIRIT is working around and within us each day?

  • Do we seek the Holy Spirit for guidance and to order our steps so we can be a productive member of God’s family?

These questions aren’t posed to dump guilt on anyone…but are to provide ‘food for thought’. I want everyone in ‘the family of God’ to be living every moment in service to our Father. Imagine the impact we could make in the world!

Today I’m posing a challenge (for myself mostly!) to put our FAITH into action: As we live a life to best please God, it’s not simply acceptable to ‘sit in the back seat of the bus' that’s headed to heaven, just “going along for the ride”!

It’s important to determine where you are going and how you will most effectively reach the end of your journey! I suggest that we...

  • "Study" the map

  • Know the directions

  • Speak and engage with the "Driver"

  • Be attentive to road blocks, detours or "construction" areas

  • Be willing to do whatever is required to travel safely to reach your destination!

  • If you need to, BACK UP and redirect and equip yourself for this journey through life if you need!


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