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Jesus at the local greenhouse!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

I was decorating tables at a local restaurant earlier today in preparation for our church’s women’s group’s Christmas dinner tonight.

I wanted to purchase some small Poinsettias so I took a quick trip to a local greenhouse. I was pleasantly surprised to find JESUS at Engle’s Greenhouse!

OK, I didn’t actually SEE the real person of Jesus Christ, but what I saw were the attributes of Jesus in a cashier who was so helpful and kind to me. As we talked, I mentioned that I was having surgery on my hand tomorrow and she immediately asked my name and said she would be praying for me. What a blessing! To walk into a shop and find Jesus working through the life of a kind Christian sister! We talked about her church, and mine, and as I left, she again wished me well and said she will be praying.

I used to ask, “Where is God in this world?”. Today I found Him…at a local greenhouse! 😊 Thank you, to the kind cashier who demonstrated her faith while she was at work today!

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