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January 3, 2023

Today is the third day of the new year! I always love this time of year; so full of hope and promise!

I was gifted a journal kit last night, thank you, Sherry! Thought I'd share a photo!

I recently started reading the Bible over again and today I began the book of Joshua. The first 10 verses of this book are packed with so much wisdom and words from God, it (and the new gift) became the impetus to begin a new style of journaling! I journal in various notebooks almost daily, but I decided today to try a new and expanded method to record and remember the instruction I gain each day; it's a bit like 'scrap booking'. It was fun and I think it will be a nice way to relax while making a lasting record of how God is speaking to me this year!

Have you ever kept a journal using more than just written word? I'm not too skilled at free hand drawing or lettering so I think the 'kit' idea might be a fun activity to expand on this year! Share your method and experience of journaling by leaving a comment for all to read!

Sadly, I'm also acutely aware today that there are many people who don't have the assurance of hope and promise for each new day. I know, for me, that hope is found only through Jesus Christ and His finished work of redemption! My heart breaks to think that there are so many in the world, and within reach of my own life, who don't know the Hope in Christ as I know it. Whether they have never heard, are skeptic, cautious, selfish...whatever the reason.... there are people whose lives we can influence with the love of God and the message of Hope through Christ. Who knows, maybe my new method of journaling will even turn into a greater work to share somehow with others. ??

Today I challenge each of us to show and express God's love to others and to share the great news of the Gospel of Christ! That's the only work that truly matters for eternity!

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