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When all is said and done in your, and my life…what will really matter? Give that some thought.

I know, my thoughts are radical, but let me introduce and suggest a Truth to you that is found in the scriptures and in the modeled life and teachings of Jesus, of the Bible. The concept is life changing and very challenging!

Yes, your family matters, people and relationships matter, your safety and health matter, your service and kindness matter, your legacy of faith matters, your education and personal development matter…and on and on. But above all these aspects of life it is JESUS, only JESUS that matters! Putting Christ FIRST in all things will amazingly bring all else into proper and ‘Jesus-like’ perspective! Try it!

If you have placed your faith in Jesus for your salvation, you have agreed that He is Lord of your life. HE IS LORD. Let that reality sink in and talk to God about what that actually means for you in your life.

As LORD, Jesus has saved you, rescued you and given you new purpose in life. He is sovereign over all aspects and everything that pertains to you. He is the One who will guide you in your pursuits, empower you to love, speak to you with His wisdom and provide for your every need. He will direct you to friendships and relationships, maybe even perfect strangers to whom you can show God’s love. He will (and has) planned and ordered your life as He knows is best to be a force for His Kingdom work! He is the One who loves you beyond any love that can be experienced in the flesh!

As difficult as it is to yield to God and His control at times in our life…we must yield. Our fleshly nature, the world, and satan all work to convince us that WE (or professionals or friends) know what is best for our lives. We can make every argument for OUR choices and ways, even though they are often against God’s ways. That has been done since the beginning of time and we are no different. How wise we think to listen to a total stranger, especially those who are educated in the study of the mind, and how comparatively difficult it is to trust the instruction that Christ teaches. Why? The teaching of man too often serves to ‘coddle’ our flesh and make it easier (in the present) to deal with life; we want to relieve the pain and the frustration we are experiencing.

I get it…we all want instant relief for problems. We want to see action and end results; we want answers NOW. When trusting in Christ, we are submitting and agreeing to a life lived in FAITH. Faith that the God we serve is the great I AM as He as related through the scripture. We are coming under the authority of the greatest power ever to influence the world. He is Creator!

We each need to cultivate FAITH in Christ so that we can be equipped to live out our life as God desires. For most of us, it is the very struggle and crisis that actually contributes to BUILDING that faith which is required for living a life surrendered to God. When God directs us to a particular promise or word in scripture it is our responsibility to follow that word and direction. ‘Brushing off’ God’s word is not a wise option. Believe me when I say that God knows best! He wants you to have ‘abundant life’ as you obey and live for His purpose! Today I want to encourage you to take the steps you need to seek out God’s best for you and those you love.

Simply put, we need to worship and honor Christ as Lord. You can ‘work’ with every ounce of your strength to be ‘good’ and do ‘good’…but until you are willing to “let God be God”, life will be lived in vain and without real purpose, peace and joy.

It’s a radical approach to life, but it is Truth; I’ve experienced it. It’s all about JESUS, only Jesus! Let Him have His way in your life!

1Peter 1:1-3 "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade. This inheritance is kept in heaven for you..."

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