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I love to learn! How about you?

My church family is undergoing change, and this has prompted me to study and dig through God’s Word to examine the early church formation, the history of the role of ‘pastor’ and general organization in the early church. It’s fascinating!

I love studying the history of the church! After a few hours of study, I stopped at the Reformation period (so much more to study and read!). If you like history, specifically church history and early church growth, you may find the following link helpful. "Church History for Everyman"

As with any teaching of ‘man’…make sure you view any information and teaching through the lens of the infallible Word of God, THE BIBLE.

There is so much to study and learn and so much to do in service of the Kingdom that I sometimes wonder why we have to sleep!! I know…we all need refreshment and renewal…and I do pretty well in that area! Maybe my question should be directed at myself and question why I ‘waste’ so much time on so many other activities that have so little to no potential to influence the kingdom of God!

Just me thinking throughout this morning!

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