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Glorious Shoes!

I received a daily ‘flip’ calendar from my Secret Sister at church. I love our little ‘gift exchange’ that we do to encourage each other throughout the year! I especially liked yesterday’s reading from this "Inspirational DayBrightener" from DaySpring

“When God asks you to step out of your comfort zone, do it...

And wear a glorious pair of shoes!”

It’s human nature to feel uncomfortable when we take on a task that is new to us. If God is calling us to a new task, we can be sure that He will provide His strength, through the Holy Spirit of God, to accomplish the task! We can have confidence in God’s care and provision!

That said, it seems to me, that the better we know The Father, the greater our sense of FAITH and TRUST in Him will be. The quote above may sound silly, but in reality, there is a CONFIDENCE so great, when we fully trust in God’s power, that we can REJOICE and walk in sheer delight, knowing we are securely kept in the power of God in any situation!

I like to see people who appear confident in their ‘style’ of fashion and their way of presenting and carrying themselves. Even though, to me, that style may seem outlandish, the person is able to walk in full confidence in their fashion choices and act with a level of surety and calm that I find attractive. In reality, I realize that the person may simply be living a fake persona and they may be feeling as uncomfortable as the next person. They may be ‘covering up’ unexpressed fear, anger or uncertainty with outlandish fashion and life-style choices, but for whatever reason, they exude a confidence and carefree trust that many people have never experienced.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we drum up a fake, “SELF” confidence, which is simply ‘pride’ and haughtiness, but I’m suggesting that we learn to know and love our Heavenly Father in a way and to the extent that we are CERTAIN of His care and guidance in our lives! We CAN walk in confidence when Jesus is in charge!

That “glorious pair of shoes”, to me, represents a symbol of total freedom from fear and SELF-consciousness that comes to us when we trust in Jesus!

My advice when you face an uncomfortable situation? Pour your heart out to our Heavenly Father, trust in His perfect power, and put on those glorious shoes!

Walk in CONFIDENCE in the person and power of God and in His Holy Spirit dwelling within you!

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