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First Blog!

Hello friends!

As the title reads, this is my first blog post! I had hoped to put off publishing this web site for a little while longer, but it seems the time is now! I have spent the last few months building this web site and learning the Wix. web design program. I suppose one never feels 'ready' to publish and put their work out there for the 'world' to see! But here goes...!

My end goal is to share the Gospel message and God's love far and wide. We all have different mission fields and methods of evangelism, suited to our personality and abilities that God gives us, to accomplish this purpose. Introspection and writing happen to be what I most like to do. I like to share the experiences and goodness that God is bringing into my daily life. Some of what I post may seem like mundane “drivel", but when God is behind a situation, even the smallest occurrences can be a real opportunity to rejoice and share His goodness! I get excited to watch God intervene in my life and the lives of others! My writing in this blog will be in an informal style as I tend to write as the words flow out of my head and heart. I hope to include occasional photos to add interest, but mostly, I just want to be a “voice” that God can use. I am also deep in the final stage of publishing my book and that has been a true journey of joy and labor of love! A bit of frustration was mixed in with the editing and cover design, but overall, it is extremely rewarding to have "almost" accomplished this project!

That said, welcome to my blog; please visit often! I may still have a link or two in the web site that are not fully functioning, but please hang in! I, along with this web site and blog, are a work in progress! If you don't know, I'm battling advanced stage carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, so typing is limited! I have left hand surgery scheduled for this week! I'll report back on that progress and God's healing!

I appreciate any feedback and suggestions. Thanks for visiting!

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