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Announcing...My Book!!

My book publishing project is FINISHED and is now available for purchase on! Follow the link provided below or simply search for "All My Life You Have Been Faithful" on *Remember that my published name is "Carolynn Kline"...most people know me only by "Lindy"

It has been an amazing experience to write this book! The project's foundation was formed from a genuine personal desire to serve God and share the Gospel. I sought and asked God, received His direction and then faithfully let God do His thing in my life! I never dreamed of or set out to write a book, but that was the direction and tool that God has used!

I naively began to put "pen to paper" in January 2022 and today, December 31, 2022, the book finally appears for sale on! The writing part was easy...the editing was tedious and time consuming, though very educational! The publishing aspect was another "beast to conquer" in itself! God faithfully led me through every step of the process! I learned so much in the development of this project and now it is time to share this project with whoever might stumble upon it!

May God bless the distribution of “All My Life You Have Been Faithful”. Should you read and enjoy this book, I'd be grateful if you left a positive review at!

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