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First and foremost in my life is my love of God and my desire to make Him known to others. My commitment to serve God has grown out of an encounter with Christ Jesus way back in the early 1980's. I chronicled my life and faith walk, specifically God's faithfulness to me, in a book that I wrote in 2022. You can read about that journey in my book. Prior to writing that book, God impressed on my heart the need to live my life with greater "Kingdom Purpose". I am striving today to live focused on Christ and to serve Him with greater intention!

I want to live my life in a way that others might see, learn about, and come to know the only true God, Creator and King of the universe! I want others to know that God has a plan and purpose for each one of us! I want to learn more about God and His ways every day and I need YOU. We need each other as a source of support, encouragement and wisdom through Christ.  While I am a living testimony that God can change hearts and lives, I'm far from being perfect. I 'run the race' daily and am living securely in His Promises and Peace! I wish for every single person that same sense of Peace that I experience daily! Let's do this together!


In this effort, I have created a digital "space" from where I can share my heart, my journey with Christ and my gratefulness to God. Thus, "A Voice in the Village" was born!


If you are a curious sort, as I am, you may wonder how

and why I selected the name, "A Voice in the Village".

Here's the answer:

I was born and raised and, through a 'round about'

journey, have retired and currently reside in a quiet village

located in the mountains and farmlands of central

Pennsylvania. I know God has plans for my simple, little life

and I pray that God will use my voice to share His love!

Life for me is that simple and "A Voice in the Village" seemed to be a perfect fit!  

Center Avenue, Beaver Springs, PA

Beaver Springs, PA

         Oct. 2022


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