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Charge to the Ordinand

The Ordination of Michael Ellick

October 12, 2008

Michael, in this age where clergy authority and power is so greatly diminished, I don’t know whether this charge should come with condolences or congratulations—although, what I want to say to you will be more like a challenge than a charge, more like a wish than a command. I would remind you that this community of faith which is ordaining and calling you gives no special authority or spiritual status, no official charisma. This act of ordination may not be seen as a “deification of vocation.” You are called as a “lead minister” among many ministers. In that regard I would remind you that this church, which is ordaining and calling you to ministry, is one whose fundamental symbol is not a Pulpit where holy truth is expounded, but a Table where the bread of life is broken and we search for truth together. [Read more →]

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Remarks on Politics, Race & Religion

June 12, 2008

It is probably a bit ridiculous to attempt to address the subject of this discussion in an hour and a half but you know the adage, “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” And I would be a fool if I thought I could do any more than raise some issues and questions for us to think about, observe, listen to, get agitated and aggravated over. The next four or five months, we American people face what for many of us is a historical decision: a political decision made exceedingly complex by the introduction of racial and religious issues. [Read more →]

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